There are a number of ways to train with me and my team. We offer Residential Group Trainings in various global locations at amazing retreat centres. We also offer personalized training, coaching and consultancy.

01. Residential Group Trainings

Do you thrive in community? Would you like to travel somewhere amazing to attend a dance and music filled immersive experience? Then our group trainings are for you! Held in a array of global locations we currently offer two Conscious Dance trainings to support the various important roles within dance community.

  • Ecstatic DJ Training

    Musical training for aspiring DJ’s and conscious dance teachers who want to increase their capacity to work magic with music. Using a step by step method in our 180+ page manual we cover all the necessary technical and theoretical skills to give even total beginners the ability to leave the training and call themselves a DJ.


  • Embodied Ceremony Leadership Training

    Have you ever experienced the magic of a impeccably held dance event and wonder how the leader did so much by doing so little? Our 100+ page manual includes an exclusive system designed to support you to develop skills to create meaningful group dance journeys. Whether you desire to run themed or un-themed events, whether your personal leadership style is spiritual based, body based, therapy based or something else our system will help you be the most embodied leader you can be! This training focuses on how to make the greatest impact with minimal verbal guidance at the beginning and ending of the dance journey.

    OUR NEXT Embodied Ceremony Leadership Training will be released in January! Join the DTM mailing list to be one of the first to know!

  • Event Production/Promotion Training

    Both our DJ Training and our Embodied Ceremony Leadership Training included important information about the business side of things. Whether you are looking for a venue, creating the posters a weekly Dance Church or hiring a DJ for a monthly Ecstatic Dance we can offer ben-there-done-that advice. Administrative requirement can often be the most challenging aspect of getting a dance off the ground; typically for artist types, budget sheets and contracts can be overwhelming. We offer practical skill and guidance to ground your dance in a solid business model.

Each training is led by myself and members of our Dream Team. Your training team will consist of a diverse group of International individuals with real life experience in their field, solid teaching skills and open hearts.

02. Personalized Training

Are you ready to start your dance career right now? Would you like your training to be personalized just for you? Whether we work online, in my home studio or I come to you, one-on-one training means we can work exclusively on the areas you determine you need empowerment.

  • Coaching via online video conferencing

    Series of opening ceremonies for your season, work on a business plan to find you a great venue or a myriad of other topics. You can decided and fully personalize what you want to get out of our time together!

  • You come to me!

    Come spend some time in my home studio. You will stay in a comfortable modern suite complete with your own professional sound system to practice on. Together we can customize your personal training so that you leave having covered what is most important to you with a new sense of empowerment.

  • I come to you!

    I can come train you or a group in your own home. You may want to coordinate a group of dancers for a customized workshop. Or you could take advantage of my year of experience by inviting me to attend your dance event. Together we can formulate a game plan to increase your success. Often clients choose a combination of the three in order to make the most of my visit

I offer a free consultations session to anyone interested in personalized training. Contact me to set up an appointment and we can decide together if you need mentorship, skill training or accountability to attain your goals.

Should you want to work one-on-one with one of my team instead please do! They are a wealth of knowledge with big hearts and mad teaching skills. They can be contacted through their individual bio on the TEAM page.

Other Offerings

Would you like to just get a little taste of working with me before committing to training? Do you want to come dance to one of my sets? Visit the EVENT page for a list of events, conferences, DJ gig, retreats, festivals in which I am involved as a presenter or DJ. I hope to see you on a dance floor real soon!

The experience was unbelievable…my soul and my heart realized that it is possible to have a loving community on this planet. (I feel) empowered to bring care and love in my community through music.

Etienne ClaverieParis, France

It was truly transformational for me, this is so much more than training to be a DJ. It is about stepping into your power and doing positive things in the world; not being afraid, unleashing creativity, working out your unique style and gifts that can be shared with the world. Also I loved dancing everyday!

IonaLondon, United Kingdom

Signing up for this training was the best decision of my life! It has not only given me a head start into the world of Ecstatic DJing, but also equipped me with the drive to create communities and learn to hold space.


In taking this training, I have discovered a creative practice that is JOYFUL- something that has eluded me for years. I feel good at it. I feel equipped with tools for play, and a drive to channel the momentum, inspiration and skills I gathered at this training into a regular practice of mixing music and crafting transformative sound journeys.

Ashley BerryNevada City, California, USA


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