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“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”
~ Amy Poehler

I have been blessed to attract a team who both inspire and challenge me. Some are past students, some I met as colleagues, while others were brought to me by pure magic. I am where I am today because I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Bernice Raabis

Founder of Dance the Medicine, Dance Church Nelson and Ecstatic Dance International

Bernice Raabis, Founder of Dance the Medicine, is on a mission to infect the world with conscious dance. She is a DJ, a conscious dance facilitator, an expressive arts therapist, a teacher of teachers and the mother of 4 daughters. Her Ecstatic Dance career began in 2011 when she founded Dance Church, a beloved weekly dance in Nelson, BC, Canada. In 2017 the International scene called her out of her little mountain town as she cofounder Ecstatic Dance International and created the Ecstatic DJ Training. She now spends her time travelling the world teaching DJ skills, event production and embodied leadership trainings for budding Ecstatic/Conscious Dance Leaders. The icing on the cake is that she gets to play epic tracks for epic dancers at Ecstatic Dances all over the world while travelling to promote the work of her Team!

If you are interested in a consult, or would like to book me please send me an email and tell me what is on your mind!

Amrit Dhillon

Founder of Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee. Sound Tech and Resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance SLC

Amritaji (Amrit Dhillon) has been spinning psychedelic worldbeat and bass music since 2007. Coming from her roots in psytrance, she has been playing at electronic music events, festivals and Ecstatic Dances around the world for over a decade. Her unique style of weaving the traditional music of Eastern and indigenous cultures with electronic bass and dance music started with her love for sonic-induced states of trance after practicing traditional Sanskrit Kirtan when she was in high school. Amrit also has been practicing yoga since 2009, and became a certified teacher in 2013. Her music weaves sacred mantras and vibration into electronic music, the same vibrations of the Naad (Sacred Sound Current) that is used in her yoga classes. Amrit also holds a Mastery certification in Tantric healing practices from TantraNova Institute.

A lifelong musician, Amritaji is passionate about blending traditional and modern music, giving her audiences a distinct sonic experience of deep bass lines, Eastern melodies and uplifting grooves. Her passion is for creating sacred dance journeys to offer a sonic space for healing, free and authentic expression, and fun! She regularly performs in Salt Lake City, across the US and internationally.

Amritaji founded Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee in 2016. She currently lives in Salt Lake City, where she is a resident DJ and DJ trainer at Ecstatic Dance Salt Lake City. She is an international DJ trainer with Dance The Medicine, and an ambassador for Ecstatic Dance Records.

With over a decade of experience, Amrit offers one-on-one private DJ lessons, specializing in Traktor software and Native Instruments products. She offers classes remotely and in person. She is available to collaborate and DJ live for workshops in Tantra, yoga and conscious dance. She also offers custom pre-recorded commissioned DJ sets for various events and workshops. Additionally, she is available to teach group and one-on-one classes in yoga and Tantra.

Isza Fairbairn

Sound Technician for Dance the Medicine. Resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance UK

Isza is an Ecstatic Dance DJ, Movement Medicine Teacher and Sound Technician.
She holds classes, workshops and ceremonies around the world. She’s a resident at Ecstatic Dance UK and a regular at Ecstatic Dance Ibiza. She’s played some of the most forward-thinking festivals, including Burning Man and Buddhafield, as well leading retreats.
Isza’s sets are tailored to the audience and occasion. She mixes shamanic tribal beats, rooted in the elements, with underground club vibes. She combines technical skills with physical and emotional healing, fostering a sense of freedom and deepening the relationship with self and others.
Before stepping into the conscious dance world, Isza had a successful 20-year career in the music industry. She ran her own company promoting Drum n Bass and Hip Hop nights, worked with DJs and artists, at various record labels, and was a Producer at BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra.
She’s also a Sound Therapist and holds cacao ceremonies, both of which she combines with her offerings in dance.
She’s trained at The School of Movement Medicine with Ya-Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, at The British Academy of Sound Therapy with Lyz Cooper, and at free parties and underground clubs.
She offers 1-2-1 DJ lessons over Skype.

Renée Lacroix

Founder Ecstatic Dance UK (Producer, Facilitator & DJ)

French-Canadian by birth and Londoner by adoption, Renée is a passion-led serial entrepreneur. She started businesses in the fashion and food industry before launching Ecstatic Dance UK in London. After encountering Buddhism and establishing a daily meditation practice, she discovered conscious dancing in 2015 through 5 Rhythms. Her vision is to make Ecstatic Dance more accessible and mainstream by hosting welcoming and inclusive events that appeal to a wider audience. In addition to being an Ecstatic Dance producer and facilitator, she also found her vocation through DJing.

Renée offers business mentoring and consultancy to budding conscious dance entrepreneurs. With an attendance of over 100 dancers at her first four events, she knows how to quickly build a successful community. From venue hunting to marketing to working with DJs and building a strong team, she can equip you with all the tools you need to produce a high-quality event that will leave a positive mark on your dancers.

Cristina Elena Ciobanu

Personal Assistant and Organizer at Dance the Medicine

Born in Romania, Cristina combines talent, kindness, respect, tenacity and intuition to create and share magic. Organized, reliable, persuasive and outgoing, she trained herself to become a mindful customer service guru as she is consistently delivering the highest quality care in her many fields of work.
A hard working truth seeker, Cristina is known for her upbeat but highly diligent nature. She prides herself on her ability to multitask, learn quickly and solve problems with ease, all while maintaining a calm and peaceful demeanour. She possesses a deep passion for arts, languages and meaningful human interactions, and loves bringing people together in a playful and joyful vibe.
Her mission is to bring together, beat by beat, a first Ecstatic Dance community in her hometown. Being conscious that the change starts with ourselves, Cristina is currently working on creating a space where to bring mindful thinking and actions into practice. A co-creating space where the community can come together, share and unleash their creativity through movement, no-waste programs, crafting workshops, plant based diets and medicine, empowerment mentoring and so much more.
With an addiction to traveling and an attitude of fun, she is a true inspiration for those around her.
If you're looking for a manager, event producer assistant, a skilled fire dancer, or just want to know more about her personal projects, contact Cristina at

Atticus Mooney

Founder of Ecstatic Dance DC and Ecstatic DJ

Atticus Mooney is an embodiment facilitator and DJ drawing from over 20 years experience as a formally trained dancer and over 15 years of yogic practice and training. She was introduced to Ecstatic Dance during her 500-hour yoga teacher training and it quickly became one of her most valued practices for playful connection, creative insight and spiritual exploration. Her DJ sets aim to ignite creative movement and hold space for full spectrum emotional expression. Atticus offers Embodiment Coaching, DJ workshops, yoga immersions and creative empowerment experiences around the world.

Tim Sae Koo

Marketing and Strategy Advisor for Dance the Medicine

Tim Sae Koo is a marketing and strategy advisor for Dance the Medicine, where he gets to pour his heart in selfless service after bootstrapping and successfully exiting his first tech startup in Silicon Valley at age 27.
Declaring he would be the first Asian American POTUS at the age of 5 to his single mother, he has continually flowed with his dream of manifesting solutions to problems that pain his heart to see exist. After realizing politics was not efficient enough, and traditional startups were too focused on profit, he has committed to spending his time and energy on raising human consciousness and sustainability impact through conscious business practices.
Tim’s main intention in teaming up with Dance the Medicine is feeling in his heart that mixing good beats with good vibes in an Ecstatic Dance environment can support people's healing by dropping into the heart and feeling more. When he’s not supporting conscious businesses making a beautiful impact, he loves DJing Ecstatic Dances, dancing Latin style, and backpacking around the world (30 countries and counting).

Esta Polyesta

Manager of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam and DJ Esta Polyesta

Promoter/Event Producer of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam from the Netherlands

From Amsterdam, Esta Polyesta is one of the most well known Ecstatic Dance DJ’s and Ceremony leaders in Europe. Her travel bags have not been in storage since Summer 2017.

In the last 12 months Esta completed an Ecstatic Dance tour in the USA. Performed regularly as a resident at The Source in Arambol. Played many festivals and retreats and in the spring joined the Team to support the Ecstatic Dance DJ Training in Odemira, Portugal.

Her music style is flowing and adventurous, with smooth transitions which blend ethnic, world and ancestral music with delicious with beats. Acoustic or electronic, fast or slow, break beats or steady, ancient or modern, Esta Polyesta weaves it together!

Esta is not only a DJ but a music producer, remixing tracks for Kaya Project and other Womex Festival artists. One of her tracks was included on a Buddha Bar Release and Radio Monte Carlo’s Cosmopolis Release.

Recently Esta took the reigns at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam as event producer and promoter. Actively working to build Ecstatic Dance in the Netherlands by collaborating with other Ecstatic Dance promoters in her own country and beyond.

Esta says that the best parts of her job as a DJ coach is being paid to listen to music! Esta works via Skype and in person with DJ clients. She can help you with Dj skills as well as analyzing sets to let know what is working and what is not. Fluent in both English and Dutch. Contact her to set up a meeting if you want to work with one of the best Dj coaches in Europe.

Sabino Soares

Founder Ecstatic Dance Faro & Ecstatic Dance Lagos

Author and Meditation Teacher

After an early career as the head of the Sports Department at the University of Algarve Sabino turned to dance as a way to integrate his early sports training with more positivity, creativity and passion! The Founder of Bkind Mindfulness Program, he strives to bring a life with higher quality, truth, joy and lightness to his community, believing that we each have power to contribute to the happy life of one another. Sabino’s many successes include a stint as President of an NGO that works with at-risk teenagers. Teacher and trainer of Mindfulness for children. National Champion of Ballroom Dancing (Modern and Latin) in 2001. As well as the publishing of “STOP! BREATHE! DECIDE!”, a book on mindfulness through Mahatma Publishing. His diverse skills and talents are guided by the compass of his heart. In his current job as a Professor applying mindfulness practice in the public-school system in Portugal he finds joy in all aspect of life while connecting them to his purpose. As the producer of Ecstatic Dance Faro and Lagoa he has stepped up to DJ, ceremony leader and is currently developing an Ecstatic Dance Festival in Portugal.

I would love to join your festival or retreat as a member of your team. With a strong background in mediation, I can offer group mindfulness classes, mindful yoga/movement or can work one on one with students. I also love to run team building activities and fulfil the role of small group leader. If you would like to work with me from afar I offer individual mindfulness coaching via zoom. I’m also an Ecstatic dance Dj and ceremony leader. Contact me to set up a free 20-minute consult.

Steve Anderson

Founder and Facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Bristol, Ecstatic Dance DJ (OSARA)

Founder and Facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Bristol, Ecstatic Dance DJ

Taking influence from underground dance music, tribal drumming and sacred sound, OSARA creates deep, powerful and uplifting dance journeys inspired by the wisdom of Mother Nature and the healing power of dance! Every journey he creates is totally unique and is inspired by the spirit of time, community and place.

He has a residency at Ecstatic Dance UK (London) and Ecstatic Dance Bristol. He is an apprentice with the School of Movement Medicine.

OSARA offers one to one DJ tutorials and mentoring (vinyl or digital) for any budding DJs in any style including Ecstatic Dance / conscious dance DJs. The tutorials will offer everything you need to get started from beginner-friendly technical skills to how to craft transformative dance journeys. He also offers event production mentoring and consultancy.

Please get in touch for further info and to arrange a free consultation.

Dj Ronin/Fabio Freddi

Fabio Freddi

Founder of Ecstatic Dance Italy and DJ Ronin

My name is Fabio. I worked professionally as DJRonin for more then a decade. I began my career as a a turntablist, scratching and beat juggling while competing international scratch competitions and touring with Italian hip hop artists. Eventually I had an awakening when I realized the truth of the heart of music, the transformational power of sound and rhythm. I decided to end my career as a DJ and instead deepen this insight. I studied transpersonal psychology and shamanism. Now I finding a way to blend all of my skills together in a new phase of my life! I blend this new vision and my technics to organize, facilitate and DJ in Conscious and Ecstatic Dances.

I offer my passion to bring a meditative and a transpersonal vision into music and djing, I offer to accompany the evolved dj/musician, helping them to discover their intuitive and technical wisdom as a method of personal growth. I offer one on one or group sessions in order to empower djing skills. I am an asset in group setting as a transpersonal counsellor and facilitator of Biotransergetics, a new integral discipline that operate to realize our true self. I would love to join your team at retreats and events. Please contact me!


Andrea Mirone

Active member of the Italian conscious dance community and helps running Ecstatic Dance Italy

Based in Milan, Andrea started dancing in 2014 thanks to yoga/dance classes held by two friends of his in a coworking space, the very first seed of a revolution. Since then he became passionate about self-enquiry and personal growth through the body and sees dance and music as a powerful ally in these quests. He practices Contact Improv, Improv theater and conscious dance spanning from Five Rythms to Open Floor and Ecstatic Dance. He sees development of awareness in everyday life as the read thread connecting all of his activities.
Willing to share, in 2019 he participated at the first Ecstatic DJ training in Portugal and at the the Heart of Ecstatic dance course in Holland, and began djing.
He is now an active member of the Italian conscious dance community and helps running Ecstatic Dance Italy.

Alex Sevilla

Resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance Madrid, “Templo de Baile” Madrid

With more than two decades in the music industry, Alex Sevilla first came across the conscious dance scene 4 years ago and has since then developed his own style and built himself a name amongst the international Ecstatic Dance community.

Alex takes his influences from sounds around the world. Led by his ability to empathize with and feel the dancers, he guides and helps them connect with their most instinctive selves: each in their own reality, yet vibrating to the wave of a collective rhythm.

He is a resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance Madrid, “Templo de Baile” Madrid, and you can find him playing at several festivals and Ecstatic Dances internationally.

Coby Geertsma-Van Tilburg

Co-Founder & Event producer, ceremony leader & DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Alkmaar. Co-owner and Retreat Facilitator @Dansklooster

Coby has been a teacher from the age of 15. She has become specialized in how we can learn best. Using multiple intelligences, TPR and Bloom’s taxonomy, she knows we all learn in a different way and we all need something else to embody the knowledge and learn different skills. She designed her own methodology for teaching. At this moment she is a Humanistic, Philosophic, Ethical and worldview teacher for primary school children. She is a true out-of-the-box woman. She has a slightly autistic brain and is down to earth and patient which makes her authentic, sensitive and honest.

She started as a primary school teacher, moved in 2006 to Bristol for three years with her husband and son and became a massage therapist. During the massage training there where 2 life changing moments, she danced her first 5 Rhytms class and she learned in person how important it is to meet students where they are and move on from that point. This all brought her to conscious dance and her way of teaching.

She is an experienced retreat- and Ecstatic Dance facilitator & DJ, holder of the labyrinth and is one of the directors of Dansklooster. Since 2012 they organise different retreats during the whole year at different venues. The key words are dance, mindfulness, awareness and most of all an eye for beauty. She organizes big and small Ecstatic’s (15-100 dancers). Coby and her team are really proud of the small events, because there is group of dancers who don’t like to dance in a big venue and are filled with gratitude to dance in the small churches or venues. There are a few Ecstatic’s for parents and children in the Netherlands and Coby organizes one of them. She also helps out different dance organizations with setting up a conscious dance event. In the past, she was one of the organizers of the second international Contact Improvisation Festival. As a DJ she is on a mission to find her own signature, her unique way of DJ-ing. At this moment she calls it her Lyrical Dynamical Ecstatic Dance journey. Dreaming, Sharing, Dancing and Exploring.

The experience was unbelievable…my soul and my heart realized that it is possible to have a loving community on this planet. (I feel) empowered to bring care and love in my community through music.

Etienne ClaverieParis, France

It was truly transformational for me, this is so much more than training to be a DJ. It is about stepping into your power and doing positive things in the world; not being afraid, unleashing creativity, working out your unique style and gifts that can be shared with the world. Also I loved dancing everyday!

IonaLondon, United Kingdom

Signing up for this training was the best decision of my life! It has not only given me a head start into the world of Ecstatic DJing, but also equipped me with the drive to create communities and learn to hold space.


In taking this training, I have discovered a creative practice that is JOYFUL- something that has eluded me for years. I feel good at it. I feel equipped with tools for play, and a drive to channel the momentum, inspiration and skills I gathered at this training into a regular practice of mixing music and crafting transformative sound journeys.

Ashley BerryNevada City, California, USA


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