From the very beginning Mixcloud has had artists and creators in mind – specifically the DJ community. This British born online music streaming service that allows for the listening and distribution of radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts opened its virtual doors in 2008. By 2012 Mixcloud had over 3 million active users. This past year Mixcloud announced a new form of subscription which they call a “fan-to-creator” platform. This new feature allows subscribers to support a favourite creator directly while contributing while also paying the artists whose content is in the mix. And so 10 years later Mixcloud is staying true to its roots and supporting artists. Well done Mixcloud!

This new program, called Mixcloud Select, happened in a number of “waves”. The first in December of 2018 with 40 DJs hand picked by Mixcloud. A number of months later. I received a request by mixcloud to be a second wave select artist. I admit that I didn’t believe it was legit. I thought it was SPAM, promising one thing while truly being another, a wolf in sheeps clothing. I ignored it. Then after a few months I began to learn what was behind this new initiative. Paying Artists. There is an element of Mixcloud making money to keep running as well but true to their humble beginnings they give the bulk of the subscription to the artists who make the original music, and rightly so!

Prices for subscriptions are set by the creators (in my case the DJ), starting at $2.99 per month. While I do receive a share of the subscription costs 70% of the revenue will go toward the artists, labels, and publishers whose music I use. 5% goes to mixcloud to keep the whole ship a float . I receive 25%.
So far I have not put a whole lot of time into my mixcloud select program as I am currently swamped with rising from the ashes after a major career adventure. That said I am committed to uping my Mixcloud Select game to increase my subscribers and get my artists more money!

So what do subscribers get? Enhanced listening experiences, such as downloading shows for offline listening and viewing upfront track-lists. Select artists often offer subscriber only content. Also you can rewind mixes (to figure out what that last epic track was!!) and listen as many times to a mix as you wish. Select also makes a promise that it will get fans closer to their favourite “creators”
“Mixcloud Select is a direct response to empowering creators to deepen connections with their most engaged and loyal fans. We’re helping them take control,” said Mixcloud Co-founder Nikhil Shah.

So if you want to get close to me consider subscribing. And if you want to come over and listen for free that is ok too. What is most important to me is simply that when you listen that you DANCE!!

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