Event Postponed until the current global lockdown is lifted and international travel has resumed.

Until then stay playful and keep growing!

Please join our team of 11 International Ecstatic Dance DJs, in the heart of Montnegre National Park, on the outskirts of Barcelona, for the 2nd Ecstatic DJ Training!

“I largely enjoyed the training and learned so much. It is clear to me that this training was crafted with incredible skill, care and the intention to support us. Thank you!!” – Jana | London, United Kingdom
After our amazing success in Portugal last May 2019 we are coming together again to deliver another powerful event, this time in Spain!

May 04th – May 10th 2020 at the gorgeous Can Benet Vives Campus We offer a  7- Day Ecstatic DJ Trainings with all lodging and food included in the price.

Are you obsessed with music and yearn to become a DJ but feel overwhelmed by not knowing where to begin?
Do you want space to learn and practice your skills immersed in a fun and supportive environment among peers?
Then our Ecstatic DJ Training may be for you! 

Are you…

• A music fanatic who longs for the opportunity to DJ, creating your own unique style of the Ecstatic Dance journey?
• A conscious dance or movement teacher who wants to enhance your classes by creating expertly crafted soundscapes with seamless transitions?
• A person who dreams of creating an Ecstatic Dance community and who wants to learn to DJ order to make that dream a reality?
• A seasoned Ecstatic Dancer who wants to see what its feels like to be on the other side of the DJ decks? 
“Signing up for this training was the best decision of my life! It has not only given me a head start into the world of Ecstatic DJing, but also equipped me with the drive to create communities and learn to hold space.” -Amit | India
 This is an incredible opportunity for learning! During the seven days, you will:
• Learn from a team of 11 International veteran Ecstatic Dance DJs and producers. 
• Hone your skill in a supportive environment among mentors and peers.
• Be taught step-by-step leading to proficiency with Traktor Pro 3 DJ Software.
• Be supportively taught technical DJ skills and techniques to transition track to track in a simple and artistic way.
• Learn to promote yourself effectively and network with other in the Conscious Dance world to get great gigs and full classes
• Connect with new friends at a gorgeous resort in the centre of a Nature Reserve
• Eat delicious wholesome meals prepared for you with love and care.
DJ Camp Booking

The Ecstatic Dj Training from May 04 to May 10 includes:

Choosing between camping, shared or private accommodation.
3 delicious, low gluten, healthy vegetarian or non vegetation meals per day
Each day we will build upon a solid foundation beginning with the absolute basics with our Traktor software and hardware 
Each day we spend time on the practical, logistical and ethical aspects of being a Dj
This manual will accompany your journey with us for the 7 days and become your companion for years to come. Complete with both the technical teaching and the theories this manual is a place to record all the information learned.
Bernice believes fundamentally in teaching through the body and allowing the mind to integrate  experiences into learning, also known as bottom up learning. This way of teaching is what sets the Ecstatic DJ Training apart. 
You will have the opportunity to sign up for a one-on-one with your chosen DJ from the Support Team. This will give you that chance for personalized attention.
There will be slots for you to give performing LIVE a try! This will be on a sign up basis and not not a requirement.
Our goal is to not only build DJ’s but community! The environment a the Training is one of collaboration. We encourage dialogue and want to hear what you want to know.
We have updated our model to allow for our students to practice at the time which best suits their needs. Support Team Members and volunteers will be intermittently available to support student. Helping each other is also encouraged!  
A day for you to personalize your learning by choosing from a number of classes led by one of our 11 veteran International ED DJs.
Rebalance the nervous system, remove physical blockages and get in flow with several unique classes throughout the week
Kick Ass Dances played by kick ass Support Team members for Dancing and also as teaching tools
A special time to say goodbye to each other as we venture out changed from our time together.
Relax and renew with heat and water.
**You will need to be responsible for bringing your own Controller (we recommend Traktor S2Mk3), Traktor Pro 3 software installed in your and your own laptop and DJ headphones,.**

We want you to leave this training feeling like you have all the tools, knowledge and support you need to get started as a DJ, so we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into creating it!  We trust that once you leave you’ll have the confident to play out at a variety of gigs, venues and events.
If you would like to level up your skills EVEN MORE we are offering the Ecstatic DJ Camp which starts immediately after the Training! (Ask about a discount if coming to both)
When you are ready to commit to the 2020 ECSTATIC DJ TRAINING we ask you to book an accommodation option below (PLEASE NOTE THESE PRICES INCLUDE ACCOMMODATION, FOOD, AND TUITION) or visit our booking page here for more information and photos. If you have any questions, please email info@dancethemedicine.com

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