The experience was unbelievable…my soul and my heart realized that it is possible to have a loving community on this planet. (I feel) empowered to bring care and love in my community through music.

    Etienne ClaverieParis, France

    It was truly transformational for me, this is so much more than training to be a DJ. It is about stepping into your power and doing positive things in the world; not being afraid, unleashing creativity, working out your unique style and gifts that can be shared with the world. Also I loved dancing everyday!

    IonaLondon, United Kingdom

    Signing up for this training was the best decision of my life! It has not only given me a head start into the world of Ecstatic DJing, but also equipped me with the drive to create communities and learn to hold space.


    In taking this training, I have discovered a creative practice that is JOYFUL- something that has eluded me for years. I feel good at it. I feel equipped with tools for play, and a drive to channel the momentum, inspiration and skills I gathered at this training into a regular practice of mixing music and crafting transformative sound journeys.

    Ashley BerryNevada City, California, USA

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