Ecstatic Dance is an emerging global phenomenon. Conscious Dance practices are quickly becoming as common as yoga classes. There is an undeniable movement sweeping the globe in which we are reclaiming dance as our medicine. To heal us, to express the full spectrum of what it is to be human, to sweat, and perhaps most importantly, to be in community.

Are you ready to take the next step towards creating a dance community? Are you looking to train with professionals who have already worked in the field and can guide you with real life experience?

My Team and I are here to help you bridge the skills you already possess, with the skills you seek, to build the health Conscious Dance community you have dreamt of. Do you want to know how to:

    • DJ at an Ecstatic Dance, Dance Church, or create musical landscapes for you weekly Conscious Dance classes.
    • Cultivate the seeming effortless skill of holding a tight dance container while offering guidance in a non-verbal dance space.
    • Rent the perfect venue while feeling confident that you have explored all the hidden costs and considerations.
    • Promote your events and classes effectively on social media.

We cover this and more in our trainings which are instructed using embodied training techniques. Each training accompanied by a comprehensive professional manual. Best of all there is always lots of music and dancing!

Our Dream Team at Dance the Medicine includes established conscious and Ecstatic Dance event producers/promoters, Ecstatic Dance DJs and conscious dance facilitators in a number of modalities including Open Floor, Movement Medicine, Soul Motion, Biodanza, and more. We are diverse, coming from a wide array of backgrounds, with varying visions about how to deliver our dance medicine to the world. What we share is a love of dance, music and community. We are collaborative, empathetic, action-minded and believe that dance has the ability to change the world.

Our secret mission is to create a dance army who will normalize dancing as part of daily life worldwide. Join us!



Sabino Soares

Founder Ecstatic Dance Faro & Ecstatic Dance Lagos

Author and Meditation Teacher

After an early career as the head of the Sports Department at the University of Algarve Sabino turned to dance as a way to integrate his early sports training with more positivity, creativity and passion! The Founder of Bkind Mindfulness Program, he strives to bring a life with higher quality, truth, joy and lightness to his community, believing that we each have power to contribute to the happy life of one another. Sabino’s many successes include a stint as President of an NGO that works with at-risk teenagers. Teacher and trainer of Mindfulness for children. National Champion of Ballroom Dancing (Modern and Latin) in 2001. As well as the publishing of “STOP! BREATHE! DECIDE!”, a book on mindfulness through Mahatma Publishing. His diverse skills and talents are guided by the compass of his heart. In his current job as a Professor applying mindfulness practice in the public-school system in Portugal he finds joy in all aspect of life while connecting them to his purpose. As the producer of Ecstatic Dance Faro and Lagoa he has stepped up to DJ, ceremony leader and is currently developing an Ecstatic Dance Festival in Portugal.

I would love to join your festival or retreat as a member of your team. With a strong background in mediation, I can offer group mindfulness classes, mindful yoga/movement or can work one on one with students. I also love to run team building activities and fulfil the role of small group leader. If you would like to work with me from afar I offer individual mindfulness coaching via zoom. I’m also an Ecstatic dance Dj and ceremony leader. Contact me to set up a free 20-minute consult.

DJ Esta Polyesta

Esta Polyesta

Promoter/Event Producer of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam from the Netherlands

From Amsterdam, Esta Polyesta is one of the most well known Ecstatic Dance DJ’s and Ceremony leaders in Europe. Her travel bags have not been in storage since Summer 2017.

In the last 12 months Esta completed an Ecstatic Dance tour in the USA. Performed regularly as a resident at The Source in Arambol. Played many festivals and retreats and in the spring joined the Team to support the Ecstatic Dance DJ Training in Odemira, Portugal.

Her music style is flowing and adventurous, with smooth transitions which blend ethnic, world and ancestral music with delicious with beats. Acoustic or electronic, fast or slow, break beats or steady, ancient or modern, Esta Polyesta weaves it together!

Esta is not only a DJ but a music producer, remixing tracks for Kaya Project and other Womex Festival artists. One of her tracks was included on a Buddha Bar Release and Radio Monte Carlo’s Cosmopolis Release.

Recently Esta took the reigns at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam as event producer and promoter. Actively working to build Ecstatic Dance in the Netherlands by collaborating with other Ecstatic Dance promoters in her own country and beyond.

Esta says that the best parts of her job as a DJ coach is being paid to listen to music! Esta works via Skype and in person with DJ clients. She can help you with Dj skills as well as analyzing sets to let know what is working and what is not. Fluent in both English and Dutch. Contact her to set up a meeting if you want to work with one of the best Dj coaches in Europe.


Steve Anderson

Founder and Facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Bristol, Ecstatic Dance DJ

Taking influence from underground dance music, tribal drumming and sacred sound, OSARA creates deep, powerful and uplifting dance journeys inspired by the wisdom of Mother Nature and the healing power of dance! Every journey he creates is totally unique and is inspired by the spirit of time, community and place.

He has a residency at Ecstatic Dance UK (London) and Ecstatic Dance Bristol. He is an apprentice with the School of Movement Medicine.

OSARA offers one to one DJ tutorials and mentoring (vinyl or digital) for any budding DJs in any style including Ecstatic Dance / conscious dance DJs. The tutorials will offer everything you need to get started from beginner-friendly technical skills to how to craft transformative dance journeys. He also offers event production mentoring and consultancy.

Please get in touch for further info and to arrange a free consultation.

Dj Ronin/Fabio Freddi

DJ Ronin

Fabio Freddi

Co-Founder Ecstatic Dance Italy

My name is Fabio. I worked professionally as DJRonin for more then a decade. I began my career as a a turntablist, scratching and beat juggling while competing international scratch competitions and touring with Italian hip hop artists. Eventually I had an awakening when I realized the truth of the heart of music, the transformational power of sound and rhythm. I decided to end my career as a DJ and instead deepen this insight. I studied transpersonal psychology and shamanism. Now I finding a way to blend all of my skills together in a new phase of my life! I blend this new vision and my technics to organize, facilitate and DJ in Conscious and Ecstatic Dances.

I offer my passion to bring a meditative and a transpersonal vision into music and djing, I offer to accompany the evolved dj/musician, helping them to discover their intuitive and technical wisdom as a method of personal growth. I offer one on one or group sessions in order to empower djing skills. I am an asset in group setting as a transpersonal counsellor and facilitator of Biotransergetics, a new integral discipline that operate to realize our true self. I would love to join your team at retreats and events. Please contact me!

The experience was unbelievable…my soul and my heart realized that it is possible to have a loving community on this planet. (I feel) empowered to bring care and love in my community through music.

Etienne ClaverieParis, France

It was truly transformational for me, this is so much more than training to be a DJ. It is about stepping into your power and doing positive things in the world; not being afraid, unleashing creativity, working out your unique style and gifts that can be shared with the world. Also I loved dancing everyday!

IonaLondon, United Kingdom

Signing up for this training was the best decision of my life! It has not only given me a head start into the world of Ecstatic DJing, but also equipped me with the drive to create communities and learn to hold space.


In taking this training, I have discovered a creative practice that is JOYFUL- something that has eluded me for years. I feel good at it. I feel equipped with tools for play, and a drive to channel the momentum, inspiration and skills I gathered at this training into a regular practice of mixing music and crafting transformative sound journeys.

Ashley BerryNevada City, California, USA


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