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Hello beloveds. It has come, the time for me to fly.

I have been offered my dream job as I partner with Donna Carroll of to travel the world and make change by offering Trainings in how to produce dance events. As I see it it take three things to run a good dance event, good behind the scene event productions skills, the ability to deliver good music and sound, and the ability to hold a container where this magic can happen. My new job means travelling, A LOT. It means DJing at the events of our students and in other dance community and it take a LOT of work to organize these events. I have had to make the very tough decision to stop teaching locally here in our gorgeous home of Nelson BC.


It was such an honour to hold this community for 7 years, to deliver the weekly dose of Medicine that we called Dance Church. Dance the Medicine, the weekly Wednesday class allowed me to grow as a facilitator and was my weekly chance to DJ live while still holding a class. These skills are what has enabled me to launch globally and I could NOT have done it without all of you. From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU.


I will still be involved with JusDance and will run workshops and retreats both locally and abroad so please don’t think you have lost me, instead come join me in the new incarnation of my work. Dance is Medicine, this is the heart of what I teach no matter where I go.